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    When you start P2, you now follow the 500-calorie diet or what is known as the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). It would be best to plan your meal ahead to avoid circumstances that would tempt you to cheat. Cheating could really hurt your losses big time. You might regret it days after.


    Below is a list of the foods approved in the original HCG protocol by Dr. Simeons. This can be found in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches, in the chapter “The Diet”.


    • Plain water
    • Tea or coffee without sugar (you may drink as much as you want)
    • Milk – only one tablespoon is allowed in 24 hours
    • Saccharin or Stevia – may be used as sweetener if preferred
    • Juice of one lemon – allowed to be taken daily for any purpose
    • Seasoning: Salt, pepper, vinegar, garlic, parsley, marjoram, thyme, mustard powder, sweet basil, etc.
    • NOT ALLOWED: oil, butter, dressing



    1. 100 grams of meat
      • Beef, veal, white fish (fresh), chicken breast, shrimp, crab, or lobster
      • Remove ALL visible fat before cooking
      • Must be weighed RAW
      • NOT ALLOWED: Tuna, eel, herring, salmon, including all dried or pickled fish.
    2. Vegetable (choose only ONE type)
      • Cabbage, cucumbers, asparagus, fennel, red radishes, onions, celery, green salad, tomatoes, chicory, chard, beet-greens, chard, spinach
    3. One breadstick (grissino) OR one Melba toast
    4. Fruit (choose only ONE type)
      • One apple (two small apples in place of one apple, regardless of size, is not allowed)
      • A handful of strawberries
      • One-half grapefruit
      • One orange



    Same as with lunch (100 grams of meat, one type of vegetable, grissino or Melba toast, and one type of fruit)


    *** NOTE ***


    • Drink about two liters of approved fluids per day
    • The Fruit or the Breadstick – may be taken as snacks in between meals instead of together with lunch or dinner
    • You may break up the two meals – Your fruit portion and breadstick/melba toast may be taken for breakfast or as a snack before bedtime as long as you deduct them from your regular meals
    • Your two portions (one for lunch and one for dinner) of breadstick or fruits cannot be eaten at the same time
    • Food items not eaten the previous day cannot be added on the following day (So, you can’t eat less than 500 calories today and add the remaining calories to tomorrow’s meals; neither could you skip your toast today and have an additional toast tomorrow)

    I have just finished my loading days this week and am now in P2. I scheduled my loading days to coincide with my son’s birthdays since there will be lots of food nut I ended up not eating much because of the preparations. Now I always feel hungry. What should I do? Should I stop the injections and just start over?


    Just hold on for a bit. If you were not able to load properly, the hunger episodes will just go away after 5-7 days. To make it less burdensome to you, a fellow dieter before had suggested to dice your apple into cubes and keep it in a ziploc bag with some lemon juice. and whenever you feel the hunger pains, just pop a few pieces of apple cubes into your mouth. It helps with the hunger.


    It looks like this diet is extremely restrictive. Won’t this cause me to be deficient in nutrients due to the limited food intake?


    You wouldn’t have to worry about that. The HCG hormone is amazing that even when your intake is only 500 calories, you won’t be at risk of having a shortage in nutrients. This is because HCG releases your stored fats which actually has nutrients. That said, our fatty tissues not only contains fat, bat also vitamins, minerals, blood, and proteins. When losing weight through this diet, only the fat is being melted off while the other components of the fatty tissues are being circulated back into your system for your body to utilize. I hope this eases your concern. =)

    Sheila Fimmel

    Is it alright to skip meals? There are times when I don’t really feel hungry at lunchtime and simply forcing myself to eat to complete my 500-calorie diet is making me unhappy.


    I make myself full with water to prevent myself from being hungry

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