Do We Need to Take Vitamins While on the HCG Diet?

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    There are those who are worried that the 500-calorie diet would not provide enough nutrients and would ask if vitamins is recommended to be taken.

    Dr. Simeons’ in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches explains that the HCG diet does not leave the patient nutrient-deficient. Instead, when fatty tissue is lost, whist generally happens at a daily basis, it is only the actual fat that is burned up. Other substances that the fatty tissue contains such as vitamins, proteins, blood, and minerals, are circulated back into the system.

    As the article HCG DIET AND VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS explains, fat loss can feed the body. Therefore our body continues to acquire adequate nutrition from our own stored fats and from the allowable food that have been carefully selected after much study. Because the nutrients in our body would be enough to keep us healthy, there is no need to take additional supplementation from vitamins.

    In the event that a dieter has a poor health condition requiring dietary supplementation even before starting the diet, Vitamins B complex, C, D, and calcium may be taken if recommended by his/her physician. Just make sure that the supplement you’re taking is non-oily, has no other added ingredients, and is not in capsule form. Oily supplements such as fish oil, and fat-soluble vitamins must be avoided.

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