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    Emotional eating is when you eat based on your feelings, and not because of hunger. You indulge in food because of sadness, stress, loneliness, anger, or depression. You may even resort to overeating when you’re happy or when you feel accomplished because you consider food as a reward. When we get out of control and eat to our heart’s content, we tend to gain weight from too much food intake.

    Now to be able to avoid plunging ourselves into emotional eating, we should be familiar as to what triggers this habit. This way, by trying to eliminate the trigger, or finding alternative ways to deal with it, we will not fall victim to the temporary high of emotional eating.

    The article IDENTIFYING YOUR EMOTIONAL EATING TRIGGERS lists the common causes of stress eating. This includes:

    1. Keeping emotions bottled up
    2. Bad eating habits
    3. Boredom
    4. Stress
    5. Social Influence

    You can read the full article mentioned to further understand these bad boys and how to deal with it.


    I think I’ve drooped by and read all topics regarding stress eating. haha. Let’s just say it’s my greatest weakness. When you get more alive and happy when you’re eating, and end up doing it more frequently than you’re supposed to, it’s hard to break the habit. But since I got to know about this diet, maybe, just maybe, there’s still hope for me. lol.


    Hi Lauren! I would assume there’s too much stress you’re dealing lately? You could always share your stress and frustrations with us. We’re here to provide each other emotional support anyway.. =)
    And as I’ve mentioned above, stress and keeping emotions bottled up would definitely hit the trigger for us to eat more. Ain’t I right? =D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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