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    Any workouts that you have been previously been doing may be continued during P3. However, even when you are now starting to increase your calorie intake, it is still not advisable to start any new, intense exercises during this phase. Muscle inflammation from intense workout retains water and will thus give you a false weight gain reading on your scale.

    If you would like to do some exercises, stick to moderate exercises such as walking and stretching, or a bit of yoga. =)

    Heidi Dayne

    I didn’t know about water retention caused by sore muscle. So I allowed myself to go back to the intense workouts I have been doing before the diet. I thought that since I was already increasing my calorie intake, I could start working out again. This then lead me to a weight gain. When I learned that the weight gain was due to water retention, I stopped my workouts and did some walking instead. But walking is just toooooo boring and it doesn’t make me feel as if I’m exercising. Any other activities that I could do as an exercise?


    In Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches, he made mention that you could do “A game of tennis, a vigorous swim, a run, a ride on horseback or a round of golf” and that these activities do not cause exercise-induced water retention. You could try any of these and see if it solves your craving for a “non-boring” activity. Enjoy! =)


    Im fine with the water weight , I want to do heavy lifts to pump up some muscles. Im fine with gaining weight for as long as it was caused by muscle gains.


    guys and girls have different goals in weight loss. Generally speaking, guys prefer to lose weight to make their muscles clearer, thus they’ll need to pump their muscles up. so they don’t turn out to be just another skinny guy. For girls, it’s different, most of us don’t want to look too muscular that’s why we really don’t want to be getting that extra muscle weight.

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