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    Many are hesitant to go for the injection method of the HCG Diet. For those not used with needles and pain, the mere thought of having to stab yourself with a syringe is enough to make you cringe and denounce the HCG Diet altogether. Okay, so stabbing would be a strong word to use. But still, it feels like it. haha. When I first thought of doing the HCG Diet, it took me a loooooong while before I could finally say that I’m determined to do it. I’ve went back and forth between pushing through and backing out. Many have told me that being a nurse should have made me immune to the sight of needles. Yes, I am. But not if I’m at the receiving end of the needle. haha. I have been frequently injecting my patients for years that it already is a routine for me. Yet, paranoia kicks in at the thought of putting the needle anywhere near my skin. At that point, the only reassuring thing that could lessen my anxiety was to learn more about how to inject with the least pain possible. The article PERFECT TECHNIQUE BEFORE INJECTING YOUR HCG could help you more in dealing with uneasiness with injecting.

    gina ramos

    Okay, so I had to agree with those who commented that you should have been immune to needles. I always thought nurses don’t fear needles. I guess now I know one who does. haha. I’m a bit hesitant with the needle too. But I’ve got the excuse of not being a nurse or doctor and not having been near any needles for most of my life. lol. I’m gonna bookmark that article in the event that I do decide to do the diet. Reading Tip#2 “Don’t panic about the possible pain from the needle.” already made me panic. lol.


    I am extremely afraid of needles. People tells me that I’m just overreacting. But you just can’t control yourself when fear starts to take over yourself and starts to dominate all over you.


    If you’re afraid, why are you in an HCG injections forum then?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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