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    Yah. different versions of the programs have been posted online which makes it confusing. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize that they are just related and it’s just a matter of a case based on their experience and how they interpreted the program. The HCG diet has grown and changed and new approaches has been introduced as the years went by.


    Start with 125. if you get hungry, just add 25 more.

    sandra suarez

    I started with 200 IU. I’m fine with it and it works. just want to share.

    Sandra Chris

    Hi Sandra! Looks like we have the same first name. haha.

    Anyway, The different versions posted online are versions of the manufacturer. I think you should consult the place where you have bought it. The dosages may vary based on how they designed it.

    Heidi Dayne

    I don’t think that is how it works.

    kristine francisco

    They’re just all the same. Just let you hunger be your way to measure your dose. A little hunger is fine. but being too hungry is not.. go adjust your dose.


    Hi everyone, someone told me that I could not do the hcg injections for more than 2 months? Is this true? I’m already using it on my 3rd straight month. =(


    Yes, you’ll need to take a break after 1 full round (2months)

    Frances Carroll

    You’ll need to rest up your body so it doesn’t get immunity from HCG


    1 full round is composed of the phases 1 to 3. you could do a short round for 23 days or a full round for 46 days. After the time period, you’ll need to take a break for 6 weeks before taking HCG again. This is to make sure that your body wont get used to your HCG intake and will still provide effects the next time you use it.


    I didn’t know about the taking a break part before and went on doing HCG injection for 4 straight months before. It’s fine and it’s still working now though.


    You also need to choose a day in a week where you’re not going to take any shots. it is also in additional precaution so that you don’t get immune to the HCG before ending your round.


    Oh really, I didn’t know that.. I’ll do that the next time I get my shots..


    I’m confused. It says 23 and 46 days, if you’re going to skip days. Will the “skip day” be included in the total number of days?


    No, they’re not. The 23 and 46 days are the total number of days you get to inject yourself. If you are to add a skip day, therefore your round will last more than 23/46 days.

Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 264 total)
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