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    kristine francisco

    Doing the HCG is really intended for people who are too busy or too lazy to do exercise. If you have a healthy lifestyle, i don’t think you’ll be needing anything from HCG. Just control your calorie intake. It’s just like doing the hcg diet but at least you can still eat more and go to the gym.


    I have read somewhere that it helps with testosterone stuffs so I was thinking that it might be helpful with my workout and lose weight at the same time

    fatima salbayani

    it’s not as if you’ll gonna stop working out forever. Let’s not complicate things and just choose to do 1 thing.

    Sherry Nash

    Hello everyone, I just want to ask how this diet works? why is it better than everything else?

    Heidi Dayne

    Dealing with fats is a tricky concept. Your body utilizes energy from different sources which includes your fats, muscles etc. However, most of the time, it gets it’s energy from all sources simultaneously or even worse. it gets energy from fats the least. That’s what makes people lose weight harder than usual no matter how active their lifestyle may be. HCG takes care of that.

    marla zack

    HCG targets burns your abnormal fats first. It’s like telling your body which energy source to utilize first before sourcing it from everywhere else


    They’re right, however you need to take it together with a 500 calorie diet per day. That’s just like eating a snicker bar a day with a bit change.

    Frances Carroll

    It’s okay, you just have to choose the right foods that will make you full but would still fit your calorie budget for the day.

    kristine francisco

    The toughest part of the HCG diet is managing your hunger. and what’s scary about it is that you can’t have a cheat day while doing it. Otherwise, you might lose your weeks of progress in one day

    Joan brandidge

    It’s just discipline with food really. It’s just a more intense version of what people do in the gym.


    But for HCG, at least you don’t have the tough part of the job, which is working out.


    Having no work out is good. But once you’re done with the HCG diet. You’ll still want to do some workouts. You’re muscles wont grow and be visible if you don’t.


    Yah. losing fats and gaining muscles are two different things. Your body will look best when you could strike a balance between muscle building and fat losing.

    jhasmine drake

    There’s a body fat percentage calculator and some sample pictures over the web to give you guide on what the body will look like at a specific body percentage. But if your muscles aren’t big enough. you’ll just turn into a skinny person and that still won’t look much good.


    Being fat has its advantages, it’s like you have an extra weight that you’re carrying the entire day. Plus you have the extra energy. So don’t make yourself super thin. Just enough to make you motivated enough to tone your body. Then work yourself out in shaping your body from there.

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 264 total)
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