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    Heidi Dayne

    I’ve been seeing posts how “dieting” to lose weight is the way to fight obesity and not enough stress on the importance of exercising daily or preferably 3 times a week (literally, ‘die-ting’ if you catch my drift). Guys I cannot stress enough how exercise coupled with eating the right types of food will help you lose weight.
    Walk your dog! Just don’t forget to wear your facemask 🙂

    Mittie Coleman

    I’m with Heidi, walking around the park in the sunshine with a furry friend does anyone good! I got a pet cat and I take her out for walks around the park nearby for like 30mins in the mornings and afternoons. It’s pretty much my form of exercising each day during my day offs and the face mask don’t bother me either. I do not do diets no way since high school, but next to walks I do some yoga to keep in shape.

    Frances Carroll

    I think since it’s been a few months into the pandemic where I come from and as a skeptic,from what I’ve seen, it does target the obese population more than fit individuals. How? well, the obvious presents itself: overweight. For any given outbreak or disease, the more likely candidates we become victims to our demise *sips tea*


    I totally lack the motivation to work-out.. Let alone get off my bed. This pandemic sucks big time.


    My doctor mentioned that I had to keep the weight off through the years but most importantly the healthy way: eating right, exercising, pray and play. It’s kind of a thing I been repeating to myself every morning recently, as it’s bad enough Covid-19 is here and everywhere, and that gets me going, at least for now. I’m currently in a bad spot when it comes to my health, next to my mental state and reading your posts reminds me I’m not alone in this 🙂

    Sheila Fimmel

    I can see why it helps fight off the virus 🧐 if I’m not mistaken, whoever is infected with the virus either is a carrier or falls sick with it, and let’s say the one sick with it is obese, the medication given in attempts to treat whatever illness the patient is showing; for example, pneumonia, the chances of him getting well is lower compared to a sick person who has an almost ideal weight. The medication has a hard time “getting absorbed” in the body due to the “fatty barriers”. This is an idea from articles I’ve read somewhere. Hope that made sense.


    There are several good points in this thread in terms of incorporating a well balanced lifestyle in battling obesity against the virus. Always remember balance is key.


    I used to think that old age is the greatest risk to get complications from covid considering that old people’s body are more likely to have been deteriorated over the years. But now.. I guess we fatso are gonna die sooner.

    fatima salbayani

    The fatso here doesn’t want to die early so I’m going to start my HCG round when my kit arrives – probably next week. The sooner I get to my ideal weight, the sooner will this anxiety go away.


    I think the reason overweight people are more prone to having the severe type of the covid infection because they have other health conditions that are connected to the excess weight like cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.


    I believe you’re right. these diseases usually go hand in hand when you put in too much weight. Accordingly, the immune system also gets impaired because of the excessive weight. So I guess the body is unable to fight off the virus if that is the case.


    For us who are overweight, our excess fats are generally found around our abdomen. This hinders our lungs from expanding fully. I hope this HCG diet will be able to help me lose weight fast. I easily get shortness of breath when doing household chores. and I always need to stop to catch my breath. It takes forever before I finish all the chores and I end up being very very tired. =(

    Karen Hale

    The HCG diet will be able to help you greatly. I’m on my 2nd round and losing the last few pounds. I’m not sure if it’s psychological, but I do feel better. Before I did the diet, when I was overweight, I was sickly. Getting wet by a small drizzle is enough to keep me in bed with the flu the following day. Now, I feel like I had lots of energy to do whatever I want to and no drizzle is gonna stop me.


    You guys remember the pandemic we had last 2009 – the swine flu (H1N1)? obesity was a risk factor that increased the death rate of those infected by it. Now that we have the coronavirus, and yet again, obesity seems to also increase the death rate, it shows that we can’t allow ourselves to stay obese or overweight forever. Pandemics are gonna target us first and kill us! (O.o)


    Yes! I remember being obese that time and panicking when studies came out that obese people rarely recovers from the swine flu. That was the first time when I seriously thought of finding a solution to my obesity. I used to just brush aside people’s comment about my weight. But I guess when you’re threatened with death, you wake up and actually find ways to avoid dying. Now that another pandemic is here, I’m glad I’m no longer obese. I do gain some extra weight every now and then, but not something that a short round of the HCG diet can’t fix.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 264 total)
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