Five Rules of P3

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    To do Phase 3 correctly, we must remember five rules:

    1. NO starches, NO sugars.
    Foods with high carb content will increase blood sugar which will trigger an increase production of insulin. With the increased insulin level, more fat is being stored by the body.

    2. Introducing calories to your system should be GRADUAL.
    Do not suddenly jump back to your normal eating phase pre-diet else, you’ll gain more weight.

    3. Fats must be added into your diet SLOWLY.
    After the very restrictive diet of Phase 2, your body will be sensitive to fats so take your sweet time in adding them back one at a time.

    4. Follow the 2-pound rule
    You should keep your weight within 2 pound above or below your LDW which is the weigh you have on the morning of your last day of injection.

    5. Steak Day on an as-needed basis only.
    P3 steak day must not be done unless you went above your 2 pound higher limit. Do not do this just in an attempt to push your weight lower even when it is still within the limits.

    You may check out the articel 5 RULES ON HOW TO DO PHASE 3 OF THE HCG DIET for a more in-depth explanation of the rules, the gradual introduction of calories, and the list of foods you should avoid, and the process of doing a steak day.


    Can steak day be done in succession?


    Doing steak days consecutively will put too much stress on the body and will affect your stabilization negatively. If you do need to do another steak day, make sure that at least 4 days have passed between steak days.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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