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    To keep our forum friendly and to have a strong community, we would like everyone to follow a few simple rules:


        1. We do not allow spamming, self-promoting, or advertising in the forums. Unsolicited advertisements, and links to other websites, or posts with unrelated content will be deleted immediately.
        2. Do not post the same questions in different sub-forums. Posts and questions in the wrong forum will be transferred to its designated forum.
        3. Respect community members at all times. All members must be considerate in composing their posts or replies. You are allowed to have your own points-of-view and are free to share them as long as you also respect others who might not have the same perspective as you.

    If you happen to stumble onto a thread or post that breaks any of the above rules, please do report it to the admin.


    Thanks! See you in the forums! =)

    gina ramos

    Just dropped by to check the rules to make sure I won’t end up breaking them. Off to the forums!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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