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    Fruits are generally considered healthy. However, when doing the HCG Diet, the kind of fruit and its sugar content matters. You are not allowed to eat just about any fruit. Fruits with high sugar content are a deal-breaker. Sugars are to be avoided when doing the HCG Diet since the large amount of sugars from fruits will elevate your body’s blood sugar level. This, in turn, will trigger an increase in insulin production. And because insulin is designed to command cells to store fat, increased insulin means increased fat storage in your body. This is exactly the opposite of what our goal is with the HCG Diet. Therefore, always go for fruits with low sugar such as apricots,cranberries, raspberries, and Kiwi. You could check out FRUITS THAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT HAVE DURING THE HCG DIET to know what other fruits can be eaten, and what fruits you should ban from your sight – or your mouth.

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