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    Okay, so after indulging during the holiday season, we started our quest to lose all those extra pounds we gained. They say that it would take more than five months to take it all off. But alas! With the ongoing Covid pandemic which pushed us to stay at home due to quarantine, here we go again, indulging on food. Well, when you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, you’d most probably end up watching tv series and movies on Netflix, and rolling on the bed, – and yes, eating excessively.

    Here are tips on what you have to do after those indulgence to help you get on track faster. Check out this link: POST-HOLIDAY INDULGENCE

    jenny ebol

    My greatest hardship this “quarantine mode” brought is binge-eating. I’ve been constantly fearing that this would become a habit and ruin the goal weight that I have been keeping for a few months now. I would want to avoid a second round of the HCG diet as much as possible but it seems that if I will not be able to keep this binge-eating under control soon, I might just have to do a second round. =(


    The article I’ve mentioned gave a great tip in breaking the habit of binge-eating. I know when we’re on quarantine and no work that we need to get out of bed to prepare for, we tend to stay in bed even after we wake up. However, it would help if we eat on schedule. Get up and eat your breakfast within one hour of waking up. Then eat every 3-5 hours making sure that you don’t starve yourself. Eat, NOT overindulge, okay? *wink* If you let yourself get too hungry, it would be harder not to eat excessively. So don’t skip meals and just hold on.

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