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    One of main reasons why we gain weight beyond our normal recommended weight is due to our bad eating habits. Habits are ingrained in us thus, these are behaviors that we do automatically, sometimes even without thought. Poor eating habits developed due to regular repetitive eating of unhealthy foods. That is why many of us turn to the HCG Diet to help us break those bad habits.

    However, we should be aware that we are not to rely solely on the HCG or on the diet to reset our habits. The protocol works if we, too, put in the effort to follow the protocol completely and consciously control our actions. Unhealthy habits will sabotage our weight loss. These habits include: overeating, eating too fast, skipping meals, eating junk foods, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol intake, emotional eating, and losing yourself (when eating) in a restaurant.

    The article BAD HABITS THAT STOPS YOU FROM LOSING WEIGHT ON THE HCG DIET gives us an idea on what to do to avoid these unhealthy eating habits.

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