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    There are a number in their senior years who are hesitant to do the HCG diet mainly because they are unsure if this would be effective for them. The good news is that many elderly have been successful in this protocol. When we hit 50, our body fats prefer to go to places we don’t ant them to be – mainly, the belly, thigh, and upper arms. Our metabolism gets slower the more we age. So when we reach our senior years, the slow metabolism, partnered with those uncontrollable fat deposits, could make us more prone to heaving an unhealthy body, leading to lifestyle diseases. It would therefore be really beneficial for our elderly to do the HCG diet, with the advise of their doctor, to help maintain a healthy body for a longer, illness-free life.

    Even though it is a fact that metabolism naturally slows down with age, the article HCG DIET FOR ABOVE 60 YEARS OF AGE have cited ways on how to prevent or delay this from happening.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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