Hitting a Plateau (When your weight loss stalls)

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    Hi everyone, for those who are looking at the numbers on the scale, computing the losses and then asks, “Am I losing enough?” or “I’m losing too little, is the HCG diet really effective?”, I am sharing you some wisdom here that could help you understand why you might lose slowly or too little.

    One of the important point that you should know when doing this diet is that the HCG will only help you get rid of “abnormal fats”. That said, this diet will help you get to a healthy weight and also help you develop a healthy eating habit. This is not the solution if you want to get really skinny – or way below your ideal body weight.

    On average, the HCG diet could help you lose roughly a pound per day. However, those who are extremely obese will tend to lose more than those who are just a few pounds above their ideal weight. This is mainly because extremely obese people have more abnormal fats to lose.

    So don’t fret if your weight loss rate slows down when you’re trying to shed the last few pounds before hitting your ideal weight. Keep going. Even a small, slow loss on your weight is still a loss.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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