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    Those who are new with the HCG Diet can get confused on the length of this protocol. You may see dieters talk about a 26-day protocol, while some talk about a 46-day Protocol, and any other number in between. Some talk of doing a short round, others, doing a long round. This can get confusing not knowing how to determine how long should we actually stay on a round.

    The length of a round will actually be dependent on how much weight you want to lose or how long you think you could persevere. Even if you have much weight to lose, don’t push yourself to go on a long round when you think you won’t be able to comply with the protocol up to the end with little to no cheating. You could always do another short round if you need to lose more weight. Success in multiple short rounds will definitely be more beneficial than quitting midway a long one. Just make sure you strictly follow the needed break time between rounds.

    PART 1: 26 DAY VS. 46 DAY HCG DIET PROTOCOL talks about how to go about the 26 and 46 day protocol. You could also check out PART 2: 26 DAY PROTOCOL VS. 46 DAY PROTOCOL which gives you guidelines to help you in choosing between a shorter or longer round.

    gina ramos

    I’m planning to lose around just 6 pounds. Just need to get rid of my belly fats. Wouldn’t a 26 day protocol be too much?


    Even though it would seem that you only need a protocol less than 26 days, Dr. Simeons’ made it clear that no matter how small the weight you need to shed, treatment must not be given for less than 26 days this is because you need 23 injections to make sure that your body will be able to reset and stabilize well. Otherwise, weight may be easily regained.

    Once you feel extremely hungry even with continuous injection and your normal weight has been reached, you may now increase your calories to 800-1000 for the rest of the treatment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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