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    When you reach Phase 3, your goals is now to stabilize at your new weight. You wouldn’t want all you effort from Phase 1 and 2 to go down the drain, would you?

    So 3 days after your last injection, you start P3. If you are unsure oh exactly how to go about this phase, the article THE FIRST WEEK OF HCG DIET PHASE 3 breaks down your first week of P3 into a step-by-step daily instruction.

    Your week 1 of P3 will look like this:

    DAY 1 – Double your meat intake from P2. Increase your calorie intake to 700 per day

    DAY 2 – After doubling your meat intake in Day 1, start to add some vegetables. Brussels are good to introduce at this point because these are low in fat and calories, but high in protein. You may also add new meats like turkey.

    DAY 3 – Continue what you have been doing on your 1st and 2nd day. You can now start introducing back more fruits into your diet

    DAY 4 – Increase your calorie intake by an additional of 500 calories. Do this by adding dairy to your diet such as yogurt or white cheese sweetened with fruits and stevia. Do take note that you should only add one type of dairy at a time to see how your body reacts to it

    DAY 5 – If no increase in weight occured after adding dairy to your diet, you may add other kinds of meat or some additional dairy. Exercise may now be incorporated to help your metabolism adjust to the new weight

    DAY 6 – continue experimenting with dairy, meat, and vegetables together as long as you add new foods one at a time only

    DAY 7 – By this day, your calorie intake should be at 900 calories per day.

    Remember that it is really important to continue your daily weigh-ins to be able to monitor how certain foods affect your weight. Take note og any changes and avoid foods that causes your weight to go up. Make sure you follow the 2-pounds rule. For the succeeding two weeks, you will gradually increase your intake to 1200-1500 calories per day by adding more and more foods.


    Will the length of P3 change if I do a longer round compared to a shorter round?


    No, the length of P3 will be 3 weeks or 21 days whether you do a short round or go for a longer one.


    I have been so fond of spices when cooking prior to this diet. Now that I’m about to say goodbye to P2, will I be free to use any spices in P3?


    Hi Julliana, even though you get more freedom in using spices in P3, it would still be best to stick with single spices. There are spice blends that contain starch or sugar and it would be wise to avoid them just to be safe. =)


    The glimpse of light of having the flavors back in my mouth.

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