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    I know a lot of people feels queasy about having to jab themselves with a syringe. To make the experience of giving yourself your HCG shots less traumatizing, follow the steps below and you’d might even almost not feel any pain. =)

    First off, know the appropriate areas to inject. You have several sites to choose from – the hip, the thigh, the upper outer arm, and the abdomen. For those who have someone else to do the injecting, any of the mentioned areas may be used. However, if you are performing self-injections, the best part would be the thigh and the abdomen since the other areas might cause some difficulties for you.

    When injecting your abdomen, avoid the area surrounding your belly-button by 2 inches.

    When injecting the thigh, you just need to locate the area between your knee and hip. You can safely inject on the middle of your thigh. Anywhere from mid-front to mid-side, or on the outside part of your thigh is acceptable. Lightly pinch approximately 1-2 inches of your skin. This is where you will inject.

    However do note that before injecting the area, make sure that you have properly disinfected the site using your alcohol swab to avoid infection. One way to minimize the discomfort caused by the injection is to allow the alcohol on your skin to dry naturally prior to injecting. Bring your HCG, or B12 to room temperature before injecting since injecting cold liquid may cause pain.

    Try to explore the different areas that could be injected and find the spot that is the least painful for you.


    Can I inject it somewhere else? like in my arms.? I dont feel comfortable injecting it in my waist or thigh.

    jhasmine drake

    I always believe to not try to do something else and stick to the plan and instructions provided. You’ll just have to live with it for a month or so and y’all good after that.. Sucking it up will always be my advise to those exploring other ways.


    Yes, the side and back part of your upper arm is a subcutaneous area which is a good place for injection.


    I do it on my arms.. I feel like it’s gonna be more painful if I inject it somewhere else. I searched the web and it says it’s fine.

    cherry wilhelm

    I think I got some sort of a phobia of needles. It’s always hard to do injections on me. Is there some oral version of this?

    Heidi Dayne

    Just ask someone else to inject it to you. Close your eyes and let it surprise you. hehe.. XD

    Sandra Chris

    Face your fears!! you’ll be used to it after a month of doing it. 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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