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    You should not experience strong feelings of hunger when you are on the HCG diet and are doing it correctly. When you do feel persistent  hunger, this is usually because a dose adjustment is necessary. You would need to do the adjustment immediately because the longer you stay on the wrong dose, the more muscle you lose. You would also lose the wrong kind of fat.

    When having a dose problem, this can easily be remedied. Do take note that to consider a dose problem, you need to have a really STRONG HUNGER THAT IS VERY PERSISTENT. A dose TOO HIGH is almost always the culprit.

    To do a dose adjustment, follow the steps listed below:

        1. Skip your dose for the day. (This is extremely necessary.)
        2. Take note of your hunger level around early evening, or around 4pm.
          • Is it lower to non-existent? This means that your dose is TOO HIGH.
          • Did your hunger increased? This is an indication that your dose is TOO LOW.
        3. After determining if your dose is too high or too low, you now raise or lower your dose and start the new dosage on the next day.
          • If your dose is TOO HIGH, lower it by an increment of 25iu.
          • If your dose is TOO LOW, increase it by an increment of 25iu.

    There are also other instances that you may feel some hunger while on the HCG diet. Take note of the following to lessen hunger and cravings:

        • Drink enough water. You are required to drink two liters of water per day.
        • Take note of “trigger foods”. These are foods that may be on the approved list but leave you feeling hungry afterward. Be aware of how your body reacts to a certain food and adjust or choose another food option if necessary.
        • Double-check that you have not consumed something that is not allowed on the protocol. Accidental intake of sugars or processed carbohydrates can stimulate hunger signals.

    I hope this helps you get through your Phase 2. Happy losing! =)

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