Importance of Protein in the HCG Diet

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    If we look closely at the HCG Diet meal plan we will notice that most of the calories we will be getting in our food are derived from protein. Protein is essential in the building and repair of our tissues. It is an important building block of our muscles, blood, skin, bones, and cartilages. We all know that a body-builder’s usual go-to are protein shakes. This is because protein makes their muscles tougher and stronger.

    But what is the relationship between protein and weight loss?

    The article PROTEINS ON THE HCG DIET explains this by stating that a diet high in protein is able to help in controlling hunger which will then help you lose weight. It makes you feel fuller, so you will tend to eat smaller amounts of food. Also, if you tamed your hunger with protein, it will take you longer time to feel hungry again compared to having eaten foods rich in sugar and carbs.

    Protein helps us lose weight by aiding in the burning calories because more energy is needed to break down protein compared to carbs and fats. It also influences the level of regulating hormones wherein high amount of protein from food increases the satiety hormones levels as well as the appetite-reducing hormones level. This makes us feel full sooner. Finally, protein help prevent muscle loss when dieting.

    Check out the full article mentioned above to know how much protein you need to lose weight and how much protein you acquire from a specific serving of food.

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