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    The completion of the HCG Diet is not the end of your weight management, but is actually the start of managing your weight for the long-term.

    Some tips given by the article HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS AFTER THE HCG DIET include maintaining a healthy diet, keeping your stress level low, and getting enough exercise.

    Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to prevent the recurrence of your bad eating habits which had made you gain all those fats before you’ve decided to do the HCG diet. The HCG diet helped you train yourself to make healthy food choices so you need to keep making good choices to keep the weight off for good.

    Unknown to most people, stress could actually cause you to gain weight. Hormonal changes in your body occur when you are stressed which can lead you to emotional eating, and filling yourself up even when you’re not actually hungry. Therefore, you need to keep your stress level at a minimum to avoid this.

    Getting your daily dose of exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, stretching, will help you burn some of the fats you gained to help maintain your weight.

    If you end up slipping up and gaining weight more than what you’d want, you could always go for another round.


    I’m nearing the end of my round and I’m a bit nervous if I could really keep the weight off. The fear of not being able to handle stress and going back to my bad habits worries me. Any advice?


    Hi amie, your concern is also everybody’s concern. Going on a diet and losing weight is not easy, but losing the weight IS the easy part. Keeping the weight off is the real measure of success. And as hard as we try to, there will be times when we do eat the ice cream or french fries or those “unhealthy” happy food.. But what is important is to learn how much and how frequent we can have them.. And one good tip is to continue to weigh yourself even when you’re done with the protocol.. This way, you can immediately detect if you are gaining weight and remedy it before you slip too deep.. You can prevent the weight from creeping stealthily back.. =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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