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    Losing weight through the HCG Diet is not magic. It follows a proper process. In the event that you have a lot to lose, you might need to do more than one round since you can only lose up to 34 pounds per round. Dr. Simeons’ indicated in his manuscript that there should be a minimum of 6 weeks before starting your second round and the more rounds you do, the longer the break in between. An additional of 2 weeks break is added for every succeeding round. This break in between rounds may be longer since the length of break given by Dr. Simeons is just the minimum amount of time. Some dieters, based on personal experiences, would advise that taking a longer break between rounds is more beneficial to you. The article LONGER HCG DIET BREAKS discusses the benefit from waiting a few more weeks (or months) longer than the minimum before jumping on to the next round.


    I’m planning to do just 2 rounds of this diet and go for the minimum of 6 weeks break because I’m hoping to be done before my daughter’s wedding. When doing a 6 weeks break, does this mean I need to do 6 weeks of P4?


    You will start counting your break when you start P3. So you just need to do the required 3 weeks of P3 followed by 3 weeks of P4. This will total to 6 weeks of break from the HCG hormone. After that 3 weeks of P4, you proceed to Round 2. Good luck with your losing the weight! I bet you’ll definitely enjoy looking good during the event.. =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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