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    One of the reasons we wanted to lose weight is for physical appearance. After all those years of putting on extra large clothes, we look forward to the day that we could feel better while looking at ourselves in the mirror. So we get very determined and go through the different phases of the HCG Diet. Even though there are times that we feel like giving up, we persevere as we put our goal in mind. Finally, when we’re done with our round, we look at the mirror expecting to see an attractive lady, only for our gaze to zero in on those loose, sagging skin.

    This scenario might not happen to everyone who did the HCG diet, but it does happen to some. This is normal especially when you’ve shed off lots of fats. After being stretched for so long beacause of all the underlying fats, your skin is struggling to return to its original smaller form. Don’t despair, you just need to help your skin recover. The ways to do this are explained in the article HOW TO TIGHTEN A LOOSE SKIN AFTER THE HCG DIET?.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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