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    Every HCG Dieter knows that when it comes to sugar, we definitely run the other way. But why exactly should we do this?

    The article REASONS WHY SUGAR IS NOT GOOD ON THE HCG DIET gives us some reasons why sugar must be avoided. First, sugar may cause insulin resistance which increases your blood sugar level. Because your body detects increased sugar in your blood, it will produce more insulin. Insulin on the other hand, also signals your cells to store fat. So the increase in insulin production will also increase stored fat in our body. Also, in relation to the increase in insulin production, it encourages the growth of cancer cells.

    Sugar is an empty calorie and is addictive. We will end up eating more and more high-sugar food without actual nutritional value.

    Looking older than you really are? Sugar might also be blamed since it damages collagen production. And finally, besides making you look old, it increases your risk of heart diseases because it decreases good cholesterol, and increases the bad.

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