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    It is a common knowledge within the HCG community that Phase 3 is the most difficult and challenging phase for dieters. So when they are about to end P2 and start P3, some get overwhelmed and anxious. However there are diet strategies presented in 7 DIET SECRETS FOR PHASE 3 OF THE HCG DIET that could greatly help us through P3.

    Eating normal calories to allow your body to create a new baseline can make this phase more easier to adjust to. In choosing foods to introduce to your body, the Glycemic Index may be used since intake of foods with low glycemic index (less than 30 in the glycemic index scale) can help you maintain your weight loss by balancing your blood sugar. Reading food labels will also aid you in making healthy food choices since unhealthy additives and sweeteners can be seen in the labels. Daily weighing, clean eating, eating a variety of foods, and ensuring adequate rest time in between rounds could greatly seal the deal for a successful P3.


    Someone told me that I am to “eat normal” in phase 3. Does this mean I eat like how I used to in Phase 2? or how I ate prior the hcg protocol (without restrictions)?


    You still have restrictions in Phase 3. What goes back to normal is your calorie intake. Instead of taking just 500 calories per day, in P3, you no longer need to restrict the number of calories you eat or have minimal food choices. You can eat anything as long as there is no starch or sugar.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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