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    For those who’s goal is to lose more than 34 pounds, it is of utmost importance to know that you cannot do this in just one round. You must have a second, third, or more courses. The rule of the thumb is that an single HCG round should be concluded when you have already lost 34 pounds, or have already had 40 injections, whichever comes first.

    HCG may cause immunity and this would usually manifests through hunger which was previously non-existent. According to Dr. Simeons, the onset of this immunity is usually observed after about 40 injections which is why this is the maximum number of injections you can have in a single round. There are, however, some uncommon cases wherein a person’s immunity develops before the full course of 40 injections. In theses cases, the HCG diet must be stopped immediately. Any loses that you had during the period when you are immune to the HCG will just be regained.

    Therefore, when you have noticed a sign of immunity or when you reach your 40th injection, stop for AT LEAST SIX WEEKS before proceeding to your next round. This is the amount of time it takes for the body’s immunity to HCG to wear off, which will then make the HCG fully effective again.

    The interval may exceed six weeks, but not less. And as you do more rounds, the interval between courses, becomes longer progressively. You may follow the guide below.

    Interval between:

    1st round to 2nd round –> 6 weeks

    2nd round to 3rd round –> 8 weeks

    3rd round to 4th round –> 12 weeks

    4th round to 5th round –> 20 weeks

    5th round to 6th round –> 24 weeks or six months

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