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    There comes a time in our life where certain events are unavoidable. But when you are in the midst of your HCG Diet, you wouldn’t want to ruin your round completely. You can prepare for an interruption that would last for more than four days by following Dr. Simeons’ instructions in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches. To make it easier, a step-by-step procedure is discussed in the article HOW TO TAKE A BREAK ON A HOLIDAY SEASON WITH HCG DIET. The article is initially written in consideration for holiday season but the main gist of it is the process of doing a Planned Interruption.

    Here is how:
    1. Stop your HCG injection.

    2. Continue on your VLCD of 500 calories for 72 hours. This is just the same as you would end Phase 2 on a regular round.

    3. After the 72 hours of VLCD without the HCG, increase your calorie intake to at least 800.

    4. Eat like you would in Phase 3; high protein, NO sugar, NO starch

    5. Decide when you plan to return to your HCG diet. This HCG diet break can be done up to 10 days. If the planned break is less than 10 days, you may get back to P2 after your break without reloding.

    7. If you will be having a longer break beyond 10 days, go back to Phase 1 and do a reload before going back to P2.

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