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    For most, Phase 2 is the most difficult part of the HCG diet and would usually be the point where some get discouraged and quit without finishing the protocol. And yes, some do get depressed. That’s why, it is essential that we must prepare ahead before we start with our HCG protocol. Deciding to do this protocol, is like deciding to go to war. Once you’ve decided, you then have to make sure you have all the weapons you need once the battle begins. In this case, we’ll go through the important points to help us understand this phase. I will also provide you a checklist of stuffs you need to prepare to ensure our victory. =)

    So, to start off, Phase 2 is also known as the Weight Loss Phase. This could last from three weeks up to seven weeks depending on how long you’ve decided your round to be based on your desired weight loss. Throughout this phase, you will be on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) of 500 calories per day and eating only the food included in the approved food list. The list is quite short and sometimes you’d be tempted to take a bite or more of foods not included in the list but I am discouraging you from doing that. Even a bit of cheating could take you a couple of days to recover.

    Besides the HCG kit that you have, here’s a checklist of the other things you would need for this phase:

    • Bathroom Scale (You should actually have this even when starting P1; but if you didn’t have it, you definitely have to get one once you start P2.)
    • Kitchen Scale
    • Tape Measure
    • Meal Plan
    • Notebook, digital or physical (essential to monitor daily weigh-ins and record your progress)

    Now, let’s get it on! =)


    My brother just finished his 3rd day of phase 2 and he says he’s feeling really lightheaded and think that the hcg diet is not for him. He doesn’t feel safe when driving and thinks that the low calorie is clouding his judgement. Is there anything he should do? Will the lightheadedness go away?


    What he is experiencing could be low blood sugar and his body trying to adjust to to decrease in calories. He could try increasing his tea, coffee, and water intake. He could also eat half of his lunch protein for breakfast just so his blood sugar won’t get too low. He could also eat additional lettuce, cabbage, or celery and he will still be able to maintain his 500 calorie limit. Doing the HCG diet is making his system go through a big change and his body is trying its best to catch up with the change. This issues generally go away after a week. So if he could just hang on for a few more days, he could take advantage of the weight loss that this diet could do for him.


    How much water do I need to take during the 2nd phase of the diet? Unfortunately, I’m not too fond of drinking water and I think this will be a challenge for me.


    Dr. Simeons recommends consuming at least 2 liters per day. But those who are not too fond of drinking water doesn’t need to be worried. Other fluids taken during the day like coffee and tea, are to be counted towards your goal intake of 2 liters.. =)


    I don’t think I’ll be able to survive without adding sugar to my drinks for taste. Since I’ve read that aspartame is not allowed, is there anything I could use for my tea and coffee to sweeten it?


    I feel you. I’ve always loved my tea sweet. =)
    So I was glad when I’ve learned that natural sweetener such as stevia or saccharin, can be used to sweeten food and beverages while on the HCG diet – provided that it is used in small amount only.

    fatima salbayani

    Is there a way to know if a scale is consistent?


    Hi fatima! You can check your scale by weighing yourself five times in a row. If the result differs by more than .4, then your scale is not consistent and you might want to look for another one.


    You can also do the “weigh your husband” trick. You weigh yourself first then weigh something or someone (e.g. your husband) that has a way different weight than yours. Afterwards, you weigh yourself again and see if there is more than .4 pounds difference from your previous weight check. If there is, then your scale is not reliable.


    I knew that I would have to eat less but I never thought that it would this much less. I didn’t know that 500 calories is just this much.

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