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    Just wondering if loses are affected when skipping meals?


    I don’t remember reading anything about skipping an entire meal during the protocol in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript. I think you could skip your carbs (breadsticks or melbas) or even one or both fruits. Though, I wouldn’t advise against skipping your protein. Being on this diet makes you somewhere near protein deficient so you should definitely take your protein portions.


    I agree with julliana.. You shouldn’t skip an entire meal – especially your protein. 500 calories is already very low. If you skip a meal, you’re putting yourself into starvation mode, then your loses will stop.


    If you base it on Dr. Simeons manuscript, he does say that you don’t have to eat everything if you are not hungry.. Just don’t starve yourself by depriving yourself of food when your hungry (based on protocol, ofcourse).. It wouldn’t be helpful to go hungry just to push the loses a bit more..

    And for me personally, if you do plan to skip a meal, try to at least get the protein in.. =)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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