Skipping Meals

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    There will be times when we are desperate to lose weight and we end up skipping some meals thinking that it would help us shed off some pounds not knowing that skipping meals often could actually be dangerous to our well-being, rather than beneficial.

    This is especially so when you are on the HCG Diet. There are times when even if you see the number on the scales going down, you get that strong urge to push yourself a little more in the hope of losing a few more pounds. Some resort to intentionally skipping meals even when they already feel a bit of hunger. We must remember that the meal plan created by Dr. Simeons’ for the HCG diet has been carefully curated to promote the maximum weight loss that could safely be tolerated by our body.

    The negative effects of skipping meals while on the HCG Diet is well explained in the article WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SKIP A MEAL WHILE ON THE HCG DIET?.

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