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    Getting enough sleep is of great importance in helping you lose weight while on the HCG Diet. This is because a lot of unwanted events could happen when you lack sleep.

    Sleep influences the hormones that regulate hunger. When a person is sleep-deprived, the appetite-stimulant hormones spikes while the appetite-suppressant hormones decreases, leading to increased hunger and the possibility for you to over eat.

    Lack of sleep could also cause your cells to be more resistant to insulin. This will lead to an increase in blood glucose. Since there is an increase in blood glucose, the body will force itself to create more insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. Thus, it tells your body to store fat causing the amount of fat in your body to increase.

    When you’re sleep deprived, your body produces more stress hormone which could make you crave for food and prevent you from controlling your appetite. Without control, you would also tend to make poor food choices.

    Therefore, it is necessary to get enough sleep, especially when doing the HCG diet. Ways on how to sleep better can be found in the article THE IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP ONT THE HCG DIET.

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