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    Job stress can be detrimental to your health and mental well-being. It is common for those part of the general workforce to feel stressed. For most, it has already been a prevailing notion that being stressed at work is the norm. Thus, they never even thought of trying to manage the stress by figuring out what causes it. Ask them why, and they would answer that it’s just how the employment world runs. What most don’t realize is that the longer you stay stressed, the lower your quality of life becomes.

    But one interesting fact is that it’s not just the workload, or the environment, or your colleagues, or your boss, that is causing you stress. It could also be the FOOD. Yes, you read that right. The food that we eat and drink could also be a culprit. Shocking, right? I was, too. I was like, “damn, why haven’t I found out sooner?” Food choice would be easier to control than other workplace factors. Check out FOODS THAT MAY CONTRIBUTE TO STRESS AT WORK which lists and explains the foods that could have caused stress.


    Interesting. I never thought food played a role in the amount of stress I feel at work. Coffee is really my bestfriend at work. A mug or 2 before work starts, another one during break, one after lunch, and finally, one more after work – before I drive home. And here I thought, the work was too stressful so I needed my coffee to get me through. Not knowing that my savior was actually the thing that adds to my stress. Oh, the irony.


    We’re alike in that aspect.. Coffee has always been my “energy drink” at work.. and not just during work, but also when I hang out with my cousin (which is frequently). Let’s just say we’re coffee addicts.. haha..XD
    When I also found out about that coffee contributes to stress, I started lessening my coffee intake gradually. It wasn’t easy. My mind keeps telling me I need coffee for my brain to function but I had to discipline myself. Right now, I haven;t totally gave up on coffee yet. But I no longer go beyond 2 cups per day. I’m still trying to push it down to one.. Soon, hopefully..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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