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    The HCG Diet, just like any diet, is bound to fail if we are unable to identify and control ourselves from stress eating. Stress eating, for most, is their instinctive response when faces by overwhelming emotions. When we intake food as a response to our emotions, it is our emotions that determine when and how much we eat. Stress eating is also sometimes known as emotional eating.

    Utilizing food as your first line of defense to get over unpleasant emotions is an unhealthy habit. This is especially so when you are on the HCG Diet. When emotions decide, instead of our body, our eating can get out of hand. But don’t worry, even when you are an emotional eater, there are various methods available, besides eating, that could help you cope with stress. You just need to explore and see what works for you.

    RECOGNIZING AND STOPPING STRESS OR EMOTIONAL EATING DURING THE HCG DIET discusses the difference between Physical and Emotional Hunger. You might want to check it out to further identify when you’re stress eating.


    I’m definitely an emotional eater. And that is what’s hard to control. There’s too much stress in the world – not to mention this covid pandemic still doesn’t end, and presidents not managing this well. The “happy food” were my stress reliever. So yeah, it’s my emotion’s fault I got this fat. But, getting diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes made me step back and think that I don’t wanna die young. So now I’m training myself not to heed to emotional hunger, and eat when my stomach (not my brain) tells me I need to eat. It’s hard. But I’m hoping the HCG diet would help me with my eating habits.


    Hi Lauren, I see you’ve been dropping by the different threads. Still trying to convince yourself to do the diet? You just need to tell yourself that you wanted to feel better about yourself. You do not need to worry on how to do it. We’re just here whenever you have questions. =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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