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    There are times when you’ve been following the HCG Diet to the T yet you keep seeing the numbers on the scale creeping up instead of falling down. It would then make you wonder if this diet is really as effective as dieters have been claiming and is this really worth conforming to for weight loss when the scale says otherwise. But before you decide to stop the diet and give up, it would be wise to check if there could be other factors causing the weight gain.

    Since the start of this Covid-19 pandemic and with countries going on community quarantines and lock downs, this has taken a toll on our stress levels. With so many unfortunate news on the tv and internet, you can’t help but worry if this pandemic would ever end soon. All the while, not knowing that the worry and anxiety multiplies our stress levels. The persistence of this elevation is interfering with the function of the HCG hormone in melting off abnormal fats in our body, causing your body to put on weight. The article STRESS AND WEIGHT GAIN explains the unexpected ways that stress can cause weight gain.

    gina ramos

    I believe I need to practice controlling my stress before I start with the HCG diet if I want to be successful. Because for now, stress is the least controlled aspect of my life. Praying that this Covid Pandemic would end or get controlled soon. It definitely contributes to my stress level.


    Amen! Praying with you.

    Being in the healthcare system and having to take care of suspected Covid patients is causing me to get fat.. I’m trying to get the stress under control before the excess weight takes over.. haha..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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