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    There could be lots of circumstances that would tempt you into cheating. Some events, family gatherings, or even a stay-in seminar where you won’t have the option to choose your own food. Instead of just ditching the diet and waste your efforts in loosing the pounds, you could go on an HCG Diet Break.

    According to HCG DIET BREAKS, you may use this diet break for a safe deviation from your diet. By adhering to this, you may be able to minimize your weight gain that could occur if you cheated instead of taking a break. But you must plan for this break. You cannot just suddenly take a break without transitioning. The diet break can be done by following these steps:

    1. Stop your HCG and continue your P2 foods, still following the 500-calorie diet. Do this for 72 hours to allow the HCG to leave your body. Always remember, increasing your calories or adding food while your system still has HCG in it is a sure way to spike your weight up.

    2. You may then have your break. During this break, you may start eating a greater variety of foods as long as there is NO sugar, and NO starches. This is similar on how you eat on P3.

    3. You can start increasing your calories GRADUALLY.

    4. Decide when you plan to get back on the diet. As soon as your event passes, go back to the diet. Do this by resuming your shots the following morning and go back to P2 style of eating. Loading again is not necessary if your break was less than 2 weeks.

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