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    Because of the very low calorie consumption that HCG dieters go through, some would resort to supplementation, especially those with not so perfect health to begin with. One of the vitamins that could be of help is Vitamin B12, known as cobalamin. This vitamin assists in transforming food eaten, into energy to be used by the body. Those on a restrictive diet, such as the HCG diet, may have a deficiency in this vitamin, which would slow down one’s metabolism.

    Benefits from Vitamin B12 while on the HCG Diet include: energy boost from the faster metabolism, lesser side-effects from the diet, regulates formation of red blood cells, assist in the body’s utilization of iron, immunity boost, helps in mental clarity, memory and concentration, improves digestion and health of the nervous system, and aids in speeding the break down of fats and proteins.


    My HCG kit has a vitamin b vial included. Is it required to mix it with my HCG shot?


    Hello Sheena, it is not required per Dr. Simeons’ original protocol to incorporate Vitamin B12 to your HCG. The protocol was designed to be able to provide the vitamin requirements of a person in a normal health condition (no vitamin deficiency prior to starting treatment).
    However, some manufacturers include Vitamin B into their kits because it can increase your metabolism and also boost your energy levels. This will be beneficial to aid those whose work or daily activities require more energy consumption that than the average person. And since this combination enhances the rate of weight loss, most dieters mix the Vitamin B with their shot. Nonetheless, you still have the option if you want to include it in your round or not. The HCG is still capable of melting off your abnormal fats with or without Vitamin B.
    Though the idea that there is a chance for a higher weight loss with the Vitamin B combo would be hard to resist, right? *wink*

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