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    With very limited physical activities, people observing stay at home orders may find staying healthy quite difficult. But this is exactly what the HCG program is about, less strenuous activities while avoiding all the food temptations of the outside world at the safety of your home. Observing the HCG diet program may be a perfect fit for the lifestyle you have during home quarantine. Reading this article STAY HEALTHY BEAT COVID-19, I find the lock down setup to be quite promising while on HCG. You could spend your energy with light exercises, you get the ability to have enough sleep and you get to avoid all the occasional “extra eating or drinking” offers and invitations you normally get from your friends. The distractions are far less now, this it perfect time to go on HCG. You only need to be wary of the fridge that is within your grasp the entire time, but with a little battle against yourself over the fridge, you will be fine.

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