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    So we’re finally at the end of our journey. We look at ourselves in the mirror in our new clothes that are a few sizes down from those we’ve had before we started our HCG Diet and we ask ourselves how long down the road can we keep this healthy figure.

    LIFE AT THE END OF THE HCG DIET JOURNEY tells us what to do to keep ourselves happy while looking at that mirror. First we need to make up our mind if this change is really for the long run and if we are ready for it. The HCG diet, besides melting your fats away, focuses on resetting your eating habits. After resetting your eating habits into one that is healthy for the body, you need to constantly keep in check that you continue with healthy eating to avoid getting pulled back into your old habits. Daily exercise, even light ones, could help keep the weight off.

    Therefore, your happy-ever-after is dependent to the choices you make. But don’t get depressed or discouraged when you end up gaining back a bit of weight. If you need to lose some pounds again, you could always do another round.

    jenny ebol

    Hi. I’m now at P3 but it seems that I haven’t stabilized well (my fault though.. I had lots of cheats and occasionally missed weighing..). Instead of ending my HCG journey after this, I am planning to do a second round ASAP. I’m gonna do it right this time. How should I do the breaks between rounds?


    Hi Jenny, sorry to hear that. HCG diet is really hard to do successfully when cheats get mixed up in the process. The earliest you could do a second round is 6 weeks after your the HCG has left your system. You do this by going through 3 weeks of P3 and 3 weeks of P4 then you may start on your 2nd round. Best of luck on the next round! =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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