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    Phase 3, the phase that will determine whether or not you get to enjoy your weight loss for the long run, is also the most difficult part of the diet. It is at this phase that most dieters lose hope. Having to test which food you could safely tolerate can sometimes be nerve-wrecking, especially if you wake up the following morning and find out that you’ve exceeded the upper 2-pounds limit. Knowing what to do and how to deal with P3 fluctuations will make your P3 journey more easier.

    When starting P3, it is important that you SLOWLY increase portion size and daily caloric intake. DOCUMENT not only your daily weight, but also the foods you eat everyday. When considering what to eat, besides going for NO starch, NO sugar, you could make a list of foods that doesn’t make you gain weight. Start with the foods you had in P2 and gradually increase portion size and variety. Eventually, your anxiety in choosing foods will decrease as you get the hang of picking foods your body won’t disagree with.

    More helpful tips can be found at FOODS TO AVOID DURING PHASE 3 OF THE HCG DIET AND SOME TIPS


    Hello everyone, I’m gonna be doing more than 1 round of this HCG diet and I’m currently in P3 of my first round. I am just confused as to why I have to have a six weeks break between rounds 1 and 2, and an 8 weeks break between rounds 2 and 3?


    Hi! Breaks between rounds when doing the HCG diet gets longer and longer as your round increases. Besides to prevent immunity, and to allow your body to adjust to the big weight loss, this is to give your skin more time to shrink back into place. You wouldn’t want to have very saggy skin after a few rounds wouldn’t you? Comply with the needed break and let your skin catch up. =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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