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    When you get to the last shot of your HCG injections, your Phase 2 of the HCG Diet doesn’t end with it. Instead, you go on a transition period to prepare yourself for the next phase, Phase 3 Stabilization.

    As explained in THE TRANSITION PERIOD-3 DAYS BEFORE PHASE 3 OF THE HCG DIET, your transition period will last for 72 hours after your last injection. This is the amount of time needed for the HCG to totally leave your system. To make it clear, Transitioning starts ON THE DAY of your last injection, and NOT on the day after. While the HCG is still in your system for that 72 hours, you need to continue with your 500-calorie diet because increasing your calories while the HCG is not yet totally flushed out will cause you to gain weight. You may check out the mentioned article to further understand this period of transition.

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