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    As we come to the end of our Phase 2 or our Weight Loss Phase, we prepare for the transition to Phase 3 , or the Stabilization Phase of the HCG Diet. After losing the pounds, we will be preparing our body for a life without the HCG in our system and hope that our body will be able to easily adjust to the new normal. This transitioning still falls under your P2. This are the last few days of your P2 where you wait for the HCG to totally leave your system.

    The article TRANSITION PHASE OF THE HCG DIET is able to explain well as to how to go about this transition since this is an important part in the protocol and essential to avoid gaining back the weight shed.


    I used to go to the gym daily before I started with the HCG diet and now that I’m almost done with my P2, can I now start doing intense exercises?


    If you really want to go back to the gym and increase the intensity of your exercises, you can do so in P3. However, the intensity cannot be as high as when you were not doing the diet yet because you would still need to keep your weight within two pounds above and 2 pounds below your last injection weight. Just hold on a little longer and when you reach phase 4, you can do full blast workouts since you no longer have food restrictions. But do continue eating healthy! =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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