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    Deciding to do an HCG Diet is one thing, actually starting it is another thing. For those who was able to convert their decisions into reality, the 1st week would seem like a roller coaster ride. Aside from the fact that you start to restrict certain foods from your diet – including some of your favorites, you also have to deal with how your body will deal with the restriction. Knowing what to expect during this first week will help you prepare for the battle and know how to deal with urges to go off track.

    This article, THE FIRST WEEK OF THE HCG DIET, shares that from Day 1 to 3, we are expected to experience “Carb Withdrawal” because our body is adjusting from using carbs as fuel to using fats as source of energy. The article discusses tips on how to get over this problem.

    For days 3 to 5, we need to watch out for “Carb Crash”. You may feel tired and irritable. For some, they might even feel that they wouldn’t be able to go on with the diet. But if they know that they just need to endure this for just a few days, then they will experience Rewards on their 5th to 14th day. As Since the body has already adjusted to the new source of fuel (fats), increased in energy is experienced, accompanied by a decrease in cravings.

    gina ramos

    I believe I’m gonna suffer on the 1st week of this diet since I’m a carb lover. I’m gonna go through both Carb withdrawal and carb crash for sure! haha.


    Hello carb lover! I also had that problem. Here in the Philippines, rice is a staple. We eat it for every meal. Sometimes, even snack time consists of rice. Meals doesn’t really feel complete without it. So yeah, it was hell having to give it up. You just have to keep in mind that it would be worth it. It gets easier after a week. =)

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