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    After Phase 2 where you shed off all those excess pounds, comes Phase 3 wherein we let our body stabilize in its new normal weight. One of the major mistake of dieters is when they attempt to still lose weight in P3. Some keep eating at 500 calories while others start doing vigorous exercises not knowing that forcing your body to shed of more pounds during this phase puts you at great risk of losing structural fats which are essential for the body’s normal functioning.

    The article THE BEFORE AND DURING TIPS FOR PHASE 3 OF THE HCG DIET shares with us a few tips on how to correctly do P3.

    BEFORE P3:
    – Acquire knowledge about the Phase 3
    – Have a list of allowable P3 foods and those that need to be avoided

    DURING P3:
    – Complete 21 days of P3; no shortcuts. Your body needs that 21 days to stabilize and adjust to its current weight. Otherwise, it would be hard to maintain your weight in the long run
    – Keep track of your weight daily without fail
    – Keep your weight within the 2-pound rule
    – Steak day must be done without delay the moment the scale registers weight gain beyond 2 pounds from your last dose weight
    – Keep a food diary to track foods that might trigger you to gain weight
    – Foods must be added to your meal ONE AT A TIME
    – When eating food prepared by someone else or in a restaurant, ask about ingredients used and inquire if the food has been glazed with butter and sugar when applicable.


    Hi, I’m on my first round (Phase 3) and have lost 23lbs. I’d want to lose 12lbs more. Do I need to do another round after this phase? Can I just get rid of the last few pounds with just diet and exercise?


    During P3, you are supposed to stay within 2lbs. from your last injection weight so try not to lose more during this phase. You might risk yourself from stabilizing. If you want to lose the remaining 12 lbs, it would be best to go on a second round. Just make sure that you have done at least 3 weeks of P3 and 3 weeks of P4. Best of Luck! =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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