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    So you’ve realized that the quarantine that was implemented due to the Covid-19 Pandemic have pushed you to go on an eating binge. Being stuck at home with not much to do triggered an “emotional eating” response. Since this caused you to go back to unhealthy eating habits, you wanted to start correcting it before it gets worse. But because of the restrictions of the quarantine, most of us are not yet ready to do the HCG diet. It may be because you do not have your HCG package yet (since the pandemic caused shipping delays all over the world), or simply because you are not yet mentally ready to another form of restriction, you may do a diet cleansing.

    3-DAY DIET CLEANSING AFTER THE HOLIDAY explains how to do a 3-day diet cleansing. This cleansing may also be used to partly save yourself from the quarantine weight gain curse.

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