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    After doing the HCG diet, there will be changes in your body besides the obvious fact that you’ve lose weight and gone down a few inches here and there.

    The article WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BODY AFTER THE HCG DIET enumerates these changes:

    1. Change in appetite. A decrease in appetite is to be expected since you have trained your body to eat the right kind and the right amount of food.

    2. Increased energy level. Because the HCG was able to help release abnormal fats, the body is able to convert these into energy.

    3. Better endurance. With the weight that you lost, your body would need lesser energy to do physical activities and would therefore have reserve energy to help you do activities for a longer period of time.

    4. Lower cholesterol. The HCG diet helped decrease the blood cholesterol level, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

    5. Look good, feel great. This would actually be the first thing that you would notice after completing the HCG diet.

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    jenny ebol

    Will this diet be able to help me loose my belly fats?
    I have gone trough many diets and done exercises and some gym time but belly fat is the hardest to lose (they’re still here even if I’ve already lost a bit of weight). That’s why I’m planning to try something new and do the HCG diet coz if I just keep up my current weight loss program, I might loose weight and get a bit thinner only to enhance my tummy more because it holds on to fat and wouldn’t budge.


    I feel you! I, too, had my biggest goal of losing my belly fat because at one point, even when people complimented me of losing weight, my stubborn belly fats remain. I’ve even done research on why belly fats are too hard to lose and found out that the type of fat cells that get stored on that area are those that does not respond easily to the fat-breakdown process. So while the other parts of our body are responding and getting thinner, our belly does not. Annoying, right?
    Fortunately, I came across this HCG diet. The HCG hormone is able to help target and breakdown those stubborn fat stores which then allow us to lose the unsightly belly. This diet had already helped many who were desperate to lose stubborn weight. This might also be the solution to your struggle. Best of luck!

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